Time Schedule

 ・・・ Seminar(Room A217, mainly)
 ・・・ Journal Club (Room A217)
 ・・・ Others
Note: Cleaning :12:00, Friday,
    Meeting :11:00, Monday


15/7(Fri.)/2016 Seminar
Prof. Shinya Kanemura (Toyama Univ.)
Title: "Physics of the Higgs sector and its ralation to the new physics"
12/7(Tue.)/2016 Journal Club
Dr. Yusuke Shimizu
Title: "New ambiguity in probing CP violation in neutrino oscillations"
24/6(Fri.)/2016 Seminar
Dr. Hiroyuki Ishida (Shimane Univ.)
Title: "Search for new physics via photon polarization in radiative B meson decay"
21/6(Tue.)/2016 CORE-U Seminar
Dr. Yusuke Shimizu
Title: "What is the generation of elementary particles"
7/6(Tue.)/2016 Journal Club
Syunya Takahashi
Title: "A simple Grand Unified relation between neutrino mixing and quark mixing"
5/24(Tue.)/2016 Seminar
Yoshiyuki Tatsuta (Waseda Univ.)
Title: "Towards inflation via hidden Yukawa coupling in extra dimensions"
5/10(Tue.)/2016 Journal Club
Yuko Murakami
Title: "The Ginsparg-Wilson relation and local chiral random matrix theory"
4/26(Tue.)/2016 Journal Club
Takuya Morozumi
Title: "Baryon number, lepton number and operator dimension in Standard Model"
4/18(Mon.)/2016 Seminar
Dr. G. Cossu (KEK)
Title: "Dirac eigenmodes at finite temperature:
axial symmetry at localisation properties"
1/29(Fri.)/2016 Journal Club
Hiroki Sakamoto
Title: " A Non-minimally Coupled Potential for Inflation and
Dark Energy after Planck 2015: A Comprehensive Study"
1/22(Fri.)/2016 Journal Club
Kenta Takagi
Title: " Universal decoherence due to gravitational time dilation;
1/15(Fri.)/2016 Journal Club
Syunya Takahashi
Title: " An SO(10) GUT with see-saw masses for all fermions"
Phys. Lett. B 626 (2005) 167
12/25(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Salim Adam Apriady
Title: " Cosmological matter-antimatter asymmetry as a quantum fluctuation "
12/18(Fri.)2015 Presentations of graduate paper by Bachelor and Master students
12/14(Mon.)/2015  Cleaning Day
12/11(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Tomohiro Inagaki
Title: " Domain Wall Formation from Level Crossing in the Axiverse "
 Intensive Lecture
lecturer: Osamu Yasuda
Title: " Neutrino Physics"
12/4(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Kenichi Ishikawa
Title: " Locally smeared operator product expansions in scalar field theory "
11/27(Fri.)/2015 Seminar
speaker: Issaku Kanamori
11/13(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Ryoichiro Ueno
Title: " Determinig the QCD coupling from lattice vacuum polarization "
10/30(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Hiroyuki Umeeda
Title: " New physics in the weak interaction of Bbar -> D(*)tau nu"
Physical Review D 87, 034028 (2013)
10/16(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Hideaki Okane
Title: " Inert scalars and vacuum metastability around the electroweak scale"
10/2(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Akihiro Masugami
Title: " Duration of urination does not change with body size"
(The 2015 Ig Novel Physics Prize)
9/30(Wed.)/2015 Seminar
speaker: Yusuke Shimizu
Title: 非可換離散対称性を用いたニュートリノ模型の
SSI(Setouchi Summer Institute)
lecturer: Tatsuhiro Misumi

7/31(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Masanori Okawa
Title: " Towards a new determination of the QCD Lambda parameter
from running coupling in the three-flavour theory"
7/3(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Ayaka Nakamura
Title: "The gradient flow running coupling
with twisted boundary condition"
5/22(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Yuko Murakami
Title: "B→ρ semileptonic decays and |V_(ud)|
Physical Review D90, 013017 (2014)
5/8(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Takuya Morozumi
Title: "Bound on the Dark Matter Density
in the Solar System from Planetary Motions"
Physical Review D77, 083005 (2008)
4/24(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Akihiro Yu
Title: "Neutrino mixing and CP violation phases
in Zee-Babu model"
4/2(Thu.)/2015 Seminar and Lecture
Prof. Pyungwon Ko
(Korea Institute of Advanced Study)
Title: "Dark Matter Models
with Local Dark Gauge Symmetries"

Place: Graduate School of Science,
Hiroshima University, (Building E) E002 Lecture room
Seminar: 15:00-16:00
Lecture: 16:10-17:10
3/18(Wed.)/2015 Seminar
Dr. Kei Yamamoto
(Niigata University)
Title: "Probing high scale SUSY in low energy FCNC"
Lecture and Seminar
Dr. Hiroyuki Takata
(Associate professor)
(Tomsk State Pedagogical University in Russia)
The 4th Hiroshima University Core-U seminar
Title: "An Introduction to Lagrangian construction
to free gauge fields for arbitrary spin"

March 13th (Fri.) 14:30 pm -16:00 pm
3/13(Fri.) 14:30-16:00(Core-U seminar, Lecture I)
3/16(Mon.) 10:30-12:00(Lecture II),
14:30-16:00(Lecture III)

Place: Graduate School of Science,
Hiroshima University, (Building E) E002 Lecture room
(Lectures and Seminar)
Prof. I.L. Buchbinder
(Tomsk State Pedagogical University)

Date of Lectures:
Feb.23(Mon.) 10:30-12:00, 15:00-16:30, C212
Feb.24(Tue.) 10:30-12:00, C212
Feb.25(Wed.) 10:30-12:00, 15:00-16:30, C212
Feb.26(Thu.) No Lecture and No Seminar
Feb.27(Fri.) 10:30-12:00, 13:10-14:40, E002
Feb.28 (Sat.) 10:30-12:00, 13:10-14:40, E002
PDF file of the Lecture

-The 3rd. Hiroshima University Core-U seminar-
"Higher Spin Problem in Field Theory"
Date of Seminar:
Feb.24(Tue.) 15:00-16:00
Room: C212 Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University
1/30(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Akihiro Yu
Title: "Removing the gauge parameter dependence
of the effective potential by a field redefinition",
1/23(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Apriadi Salim Adam
Title: "Radiative neutrino mass, dark matter,
and leptogenesis"
Pei-Hong Gu and Utpal Sarkar
1/16(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Takahiro Masugami
Title: "Why does a beer bottle foam up after
a sudden impact on its mouth?", arXiv:1310.3747,
Javier Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Almudena Casado,
Daniel Fuster,
"Physics of beer tapping", arXiv:1403.2678,
Javier Rodriguez-Rodriguez, Almudena Casado-Chacon,
Daniel Fuster
1/9(Fri.)/2015 Journal Club
Ayaka Nakamura
Blue LEDs-Filling the world with new light"
12/19(Fri.)/2014 Presentations of graduate paper
by Bachelor and Master students
12/15(Mon.)/2014 Cleaning Day
Intensive Course
Prof. Kenji Fukushima
12/5(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Hideaki Okane
Article: "TeV-scale B-L model with
a flat Higgs potential at the Planck
scale :In view of the hierarchy problem"
Prog. Theor. Exp. Phys. 2013, 023B08
11/21(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Takuya Morozumi
Article: "CP violation in
tau->pi K_S nu and D->pi K_S:
The Importance of K_S-K_L Interference"
JHEP 1204 (2012) 002
11/7(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Ryoichiro Ueno
Article: "On the Schrodinger functional
on QCD"
S. Sint, Nucl. Phys. B 421(1994)135
10/24(Fri.)2014 Seminar
Speaker: Hana Saito
10/17(Fri.)/2014 Welcoming Party
for Apriadi S. Adam, Akihiro Yu 
10/10(Fri.)/2014  Seminar
Speaker: Prof. Naoyuki Haba
(Shimane Univ.)
Title: What does 126GeV Higgs mean?
Scheduled: 14:00-15:00
10/3(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Yuko Murakami
Scheduled: 15:00-16:30 
SSI (Setouchi Summer Institute)
7/18(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Prof. Masanori Okawa
7/4(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Ryota Nakanishi
Title: A model-independent fit to Planck
and BICEP2 data
arXiv:1405.7188 [astro-ph.CO]
Scheduled: 15:00-16:00
6/13(Fri.)/2014  Journal Club
Speaker: Hiroyuki Umeeda
Article: Adv. in High Energy Phys.
Vol. 2012, Article ID 349686
Title: Solar Neutrino Observables Sensitive
to Matter Effects
Scheduled: 15:00-16:00
5/29(Thu.)/2014 Seminar
Speaker: Dr. Kazuki Sakurai
(King's College London)
Scheduled: 15:00-
5/23(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Prof. Tomohiro Inagaki

Scheduled: 15:00-16:00
5/11(Sat.)/2014 Excursion
(Watching Baseball Game)

5/9(Fri.)/2014 Journal Club
Speaker: Prof. Ken-Ichi Ishikawa
Article: JHEP 02 (2011) 051
Title: Perturbative analysis of the gradient
flow in non-abelian gauge theories
Scheduled: 15:00-16:00
4/18/(Fri.)/2014 Seminar
Speaker: Prof. Kazuhiro Yamamoto
(Hiroshima Univ.)
Scheduled: 15:00-
4/11(Fri.)/2014 Welcoming Party For B4 Students
3/31(Mon.)/2014  Ph.D Defence
Kotaro Tamai 

Title: Higgs sector of Dirac neutrino mass
model of Davidson and Logan

C212 (12:50-)
3/6(Thu.)/2014 Seminar
Speaker: Keiko I. Nagao
(Niihama National College of Technology)

Title: Constraints for Dark Matter
from LHC and Direct Detection
in Simplified Models
Scheduled: 15:00-16:30
2/14(Fri.)/2014 Presentations of Bachelorly Thesis

Ayaka Nakamura, Takahiro Masgami,
Hideaki Okane, Ryoichiro Ueno
2/3(Mon.)/2014  Seminar
Speaker: Yoshio Kitadono
(Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)
Scheduled: 15:00-16:00
1/10(Fri.)/2014 Seminar
Speaker: Prof. S.D.Odintsov
(ICE-IEEC, CSIC and ICREA, Barcelona)

Title: Accelerating cosmology from
modified gravity and neutron stars

Scheduled: 15:00-16:15
12/20(Fri.)/2013 Presentations by undergraduate
school students and a master student. 
11/27(Wed.)/2013 Seminar
Speaker: Prof. Koichi Hamaguchi
(University of Tokyo)

Title: Muon g-2 vs LHC (and ILC)
in Supersymmetric Models

Scheduled: 16:20-17:50
11/26-28/2013 Intensive Course
Speaker: Prof. Koichi Hamaguchi
(University of Tokyo)

Title: Physics of Supersymmetry,
Collider and Dark Matter

Speaker: Yoshio Kitadono
 (Academia Sinica)

Title: SUSY QED effects on photon
structure functions

Scheduled: 14:00-15:00

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