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Sohaken Seminar: Kyosuke ADACHI (RIKEN)

Abstract: A crowd of self-propelled elements, ranging from birds to bacteria, is called active matter. Unique phase behaviors such as flocking and motility-induced phase separation appear in active matter. In this talk, I will first review phase transitions in active matter. Then, using a mapping to non-Hermitian quantum systems, I will show that power-law correlation of the particle density generically appears in minimal models of active matter. Lastly, extending the connection between active matter and quantum systems, I will discuss a quantum model of active matter that undergoes a flocking-like phase transition. References 1 K. Adachi, K. Takasan, and K. Kawaguchi, Phys. Rev. Research 4, 013194 (2022) 2 H. Nakano, K. Adachi, arXiv:2306.17517 3 K. Takasan*, K. Adachi*, and K. Kawaguchi, arXiv:2308.04382 (*equal contribution)

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