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Sohaken Seminar: Minori ABE (Hiroshima Univ.)

Abstract: The existence of the electric dipole moment (EDM) in fundamental particles has significant implications for the violation of Charge-Parity (CP) symmetry. Specifically, the search for EDM in atoms and molecules is particularly appealing due to the feasibility of conducting tabletop experiments, which are easier and more cost-effective compared to accelerator experiments. In these EDM searches, the directly measured quantities are not the EDM values themselves but rather certain quantities that are enhanced by electronic wave functions. The degree of enhancement is crucial since the experimental measurement of tiny EDM values is generally challenging. In this seminar presentation, I will provide an introduction to molecular electronic calculations pertaining to electron EDM and nuclear EDM. Additionally, I will discuss the latest research advancements conducted at Hiroshima University in this field.

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