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These are the past long-term visitors, intensive lecturers, and staff for our lab.

It is not a complete listing as the seminar speakers are not included. Instead, we include visiting researchers, postdoctoral researchers, invited lecturers, and retired staff members. This list is in no particular order.

Name (last, first)Date(s)Purpose
Aoki MayumiJanuary 18 – 20, 2023Giving seminar on particle phenomenology.
Onogi TetsuyaDecember 7 - 8, 2022Giving intensive lecture on domain wall fermion.
Tachibana YasukiNovember 16 - 18, 2022Visiting researcher on hadronic theory and give intensive lecture.
Miyagi TakayukiNovember 11, 2022Giving seminar on Nuclear theory.
Umeeda HiroyukiOctober 24 - 28, 2022Visiting researcher on particle phenomenology and give seminar.
Yamamoto KeiApril 2019 – March 2022PostDoc Researcher on flavor physics phenomenology (JSPS).
Nagao Keiko I.March 25 – 28, 2022Visiting researcher on dark matter phenomenology.
Murase KoichiNov. 25 – 27, 2021Visiting researcher on hadronic theory.
Umeeda HiroyukiMay 14, 2021Mini lecture on quark-hadron duality and g-2.
Misumi TatsuhiroMay 15 – 17, 2021Intensive lecture on an introduction to resurgence theory.
Aoki MayumiNov 26 – 28, 2019Intensive lecture on particle dark matter phenomenology from Kanazawa University.

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