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Career Opportunities

This is a listing of different careers people have gone on after graduating from the doctoral course.

This is not a complete list as it is difficult to keep track of everyone and this does not reflect current positions.

Graduation YearJob Title
1990Research Assistant at KEK
1993Assistant Professor at Akita Keizaihoka University (North Asia University 2007~)
1995Assistant Professor at KEK
Assistant Professor at Hiroshima University
1996Research Assistant at Tokyo management College
Researcher at Nagoya University
Assistant Professor at Fujita Health University
1997Researcher at KIAS
1998Assistant Professor in Indonesia
Research Assistant at Iwate University
1999Assistant Professor at Hiroshima University
Employee at Rohm Semiconductor
Assistant Professor at Juntendo University
2000Research Assistant at KEK
Researcher at KEK
Researcher at ACHEN?
Employee at Hitachi Systems
2001Researcher at Hiroshima University
2002Researcher at University of Tsukuba
Researcher at Hiroshima University
Civil worker for Okayama Prefecture
Assistant Professor in Indonesia
Research Assistant at Tohoku University
Assistant Professor at Brookhaven National Lab
2003Researcher at KAIST
Assistant Professor at Waseda University
2004Researcher at Tokyo University
Employee at Nikon
Teacher at Sandagakuen High School
(新居浜AP) Assistant Professor at Ehime University?
2005Post Doc at KEK
Post Doc at University of Toyama
2006Assistant Professor at Ube College
2007Certified Public Accountant
2009Researcher at Academia Sinica in Taiwan
2010Post Doc at Kavli IPMU in Tokyo University
2011Researcher at KEK
Post Doc at Hokkaido University of Education
2012Post Doc at RIKEN
OD at Hiroshima University?
2018Researcher at BRIN in Indonesia
2019Employee of Micron
Employee of Sandisk
2020Employee of Sandisk

Others for which we do not know the exact year,

Time PeriodJob Title
2010’sProfessor at Zhejiang University​ in China
Post Doc at Academia Sinica in Taiwan
Post Doc at Himeji University
Teacher at the Republic of Indonesia Defense University (Universitas Pertahanan Indonesia)

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