This is all about current and past members of our lab.

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Name (first last)EmailTitleRoom NumberPapers
picture of professor NonakaChiho Nonakanchiho@*ProfessorEco-A309INSPIRE-HEP
picture of professor InagakiTomohiro Inagakiinagaki@*ProfessorMedia CenterINSPIRE-HEP
picture of associate professor MorozumiTakuya Morozumimorozumi@*Associate ProfessorEco-A306INSPIRE-HEP
picture of associate professor IshikawaKen-Ichi Ishikawaishikawa@#Associate ProfessorEco-A307INSPIRE-HEP
picture of assistant professor SakaiAzumi Sakaiazumi-sakai@*Assistant Professor (Special Appointment)Eco-A427INSPIRE-HEP
picture of assistant professor NicholasNicholas J. Benoitnjbenoit@*Specially Appointed Assistant Professor (Selected)Eco-A421INSPIRE-HEP

Post-Doctoral Researchers and Visitors

Name (first last)EmailTitleRoom NumberPapers
Masahiko Taniguchimasa-taniguchi@*Post-doc ResearcherINSPIRE-HEP
Masanori Okawaokawa@sci.*VisitorEco-A421INSPIRE-HEP
Hiroki Sakamotoh-sakamoto@*VisitorINSPIRE-HEP


Name (first last)GradeEmailRoom NumberPapers
Albertus Hariwangsa PanuluhD3panuluh-albertus@*Eco-A427INSPIRE-HEP
Cendikia AbdiD3cendikiaabdi@*Eco-A212
Hironori TakeiD3t-hironori@*Eco-A212INSPIRE-HEP
Yukimura IzawaD2izawa-yukimura@*Eco-A211INSPIRE-HEP
Kota TakeuchiD1k-takeuchi@*Eco-A212INSPIRE-HEP
Naoki YoshiokaD1Eco-A421
Shonosuke TakeshitaD1shonosuke@*Eco-A421INSPIRE-HEP
Reishi MaetaD1maeta-reishi@*
Ryuta FukunagaM2Eco-A212
Tomoharu TaharaM2Eco-A212
Riku KabayamaM2Eco-A211
Gaia HigaM2Eco-A212
Naoki UemuraM2Eco-A211
Muhammad Azzam AlwanM1Eco-A427
Yuma KawakamiM1Eco-A211
Shogo TakahashiM1Eco-A211
Eri MiyoshiB4Eco-A212
Kohei UnoB4Eco-A211
Hiroki ShimizuB4Eco-A211


Past Members

| Visitors

These are the past long-term visitors, intensive lecturers, and staff for our lab.

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| Career Opportunities

This is a listing of different careers people have gone on after graduating from the doctoral course.

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| Degrees Conferred

This is a listing of the thesis titles and links to the Hiroshima University Institutional Repository.

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