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Particle Physics (High Energy Physics)

The goal of particle physics is to study the properties of elementary particles and their interactions. These particles are the essential ingredients of our world, and we would like to better understand our Universe by studying them. We focus on theoretical studies of those elementary particles to achieve that goal. Additionally, we work with experimental colleagues to test our theoretical ideas and to develop new theories based on experimental results. Our group has three focus areas,

What are elementary particles?

An elementary particle is a particle that has no substructure and cannot be decomposed into other particles. The entire Universe is considered to consist of elementary particles, and their properties determine the nature of matter. The view of elementary particles from a carbon atom.

The study of elementary particles has a long history with theoretical models changing in time. The currently accepted explanation is called the Standard Model (SM) that consists of the elementary particles quarks, leptons, and bosons. All the known elementary particles are summarized in the figure below. The Standard Model and the known elementary particles of quarks, leptons, and bosons.

The theories contained in the Standard Model are capable of explaining almost all experimental observations. However, although the SM has been highly successful, there are open questions.

Therefore, physicists do not regard the Standard Model as a final fundamental theory, and would like to determine the origin of the structure of the Standard Model.

Hadron Physics

Individual Research Interests

Chiho Nonaka
Theoretical hadronic physics
Tomohiro Inagaki
Astroparticle Physics and General Theory of Relativity
Takuya Morozumi
Particle flavor physics and neutrino phenomenology
Ken-Ichi Ishikawa
Lattice quantum chromodynamics and high-performance computing
Yusuke Shimizu
Neutrino phenomenology and flavor physics theory

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